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Lice Happens is the premier professional mobile head lice to removal service in the greater Baltimore metro area, founded by a Registered Nurse. Our proven, straightforward treatment process does not include gimmicky gadgets or messy oils that turn a head lice treatment into an unpleasant experience.

About Lice Happens

If you’re frustrated and have been trying to rid head lice from your child, look no further than Lice Happens for a solution.  We are a premier and professional lice removal and treatment service.  Our services are 100% confidential, mobile, and effective.

We often hear that parents have been struggling to get rid of head lice for a long time.  Frustrated and at their wits ends, parents find themselves thinking that they have nowhere to turn.  Luckily, for families living in Maryland, this is no longer true.  We provide in-home services and are proud to help families remedy their lice problems once and for all.  Local Lice Happens expert Gretchen says, “I love working for Lice Happens because it’s so rewarding to treat a family and leave them empowered to conquer the situation on their own in the future.”

Lice are adapting.  You’ve probably hear the term “super lice” by now.  These lice are becoming resistant to the chemicals and ingredients that are found in most over-the-counter lice removal therapies.  These treatments, while also being ineffective, are full of harsh and toxic chemicals that can pose a threat to you and your family.  Because these treatments are becoming less and less effective, parents find themselves having to use them again and again to try to get rid of head lice, but have no success.  This can lead to frustration and a sense of helplessness about what to do.  Don’t panic!  Lice Happens has you covered and we’re here to help.

All of our specialists go through extensive training to learn everything there is to know about head lice and how to eradicate them.  They are experienced at treating young children for head lice and will employ soothing techniques to calm them during the entire treatment process, making it more comfortable for everyone involved.  One of our goals is to remove the stress and burden from parents’ shoulders while in we’re in their homes.

When we arrive at your home, we secure your privacy by coming in logo-free vehicles.  Our mobile clinics come stocked with everything we need to fully eradicate your lice problem.  We will start by screening each member of your family, including caregivers, for head lice.  Not everyone displays the common symptoms associated with an infestation.  Proper and thorough screening is an important step to ensuring the life cycle of the lice is ended…for good.  We will teach you proper and accurate screening methods for screening in the future.  This is an important skill for parents of young children to have.

After those who are suffering are identified, we’ll begin treatments.  Our treatments, unlike those found over-the-counter, are 100% safe and effective.  We’ve been in the business for a long time and our treatments are tried, true, and tested.  They have proven effective after just one use.  We use only non-toxic, pesticide free, and environmentally friendly treatments for head lice.  They have no side effects and do not harm the skin.

After treatments are applied, we use fine toothed metal lice combs (which are better than plastic combs) to remove lice eggs (nits), young lice (nymphs), and adult lice from the hair and scalp.  Fine combing is absolutely essential to ending the life cycle of lice, and the lack of this skill is a part of why over-the-counter treatments do not work well.  However, while we’re combing through the hair, we take the time to teach parents the proper way to use a lice comb.  This skill is important to have for any future use and for the days following the initial treatment.

Besides teaching the practical skills of screening and combing, we also provide families with education about head lice, who gets them, how they spread, home care, hygiene, and many other topics.  There are a lot of myths surrounding head lice and we work hard to dispel these common misconceptions.  We will provide you with facts so that you feel empowered to tackle a head lice problem head on in the future, though we hope you don’t have to.  In addition to making you a lice expert, we’ll also give you and your family tips on preventing a lice outbreak from occurring again.

Lice Happens is proud to serve families living in Maryland.  Currently, we serve the following areas, but if you don’t see your area listed, give us a call at (443) 510-4480.  Areas we travel to include: Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Baltimore, Calvert County, Cecil County, Harford County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Prince George County, and Queen Anne County. We also serve ColumbiaBaltimore, Towson, Owings Mills, Annapolis, Pikesville, Columbia, Ellicott City, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Rockville, Pikesville,

There is no need to be cooped up in your home trying to rid your children of lice for longer than is necessary.  If you’re experiencing a lice outbreak, or you’ve been trying to remedy a lice outbreak for some time, call us today.  We’re here to serve you 7 days a week.  We offer same day emergency lice removal and treatments as well as appointments to families living in Maryland.